During your stay at Ideal River Resort, all your travel arrangements are taken care by the hotel itself that too at a nominal fee! Save time between those prized moments you will be spending with your loved ones, as well as the hassle of driving and parking by availing our host of transportation services.


While dinning at our restaurant, you will perfectly savour our top notch service and fine dining experience. With an innovative blend of Indian, Srilankan and Chinese cuisine in our menu you'll be treated to some of the indigenous delicacies of the land that will leave you begging for more!

Swimming Pool

When you feel the heat rising, you can always chill in our pool which is yet another beautiful tropical setting for your sunbathing and swimming pleasures. The 46-square feet of splashing fun is just steps away from the idyllic East Coast Beach. Guests can lounge poolside with a tropical cocktail or play with their kids, savouring the sun on a fine evening.

Massage centre

One of the major attractions of the resort is its Ayurvedic centre. Once you are done with all the hustle and bustle of the big day, it is time to lose yourself to the sensation of a soothing traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage. The use of Sesame Oil and hot stone known for its warming and purifying properties in our treatments not only enhances blood circulation; it also eases tension.


The idyllic surroundings of the Ideal River Resort with vast expanses of rich farmland and exquisite vineyards offer a perfect setting for a range of unforgettable outdoor parties, including barbeque parties with family, friends or peers.


The bar, which adjoins the restaurant, is a perfect setting to unwind and kick off your evening with some fine wine, tasty nibbles and gossip. In addition, you will enjoy our extensive selection of books and magazines and the huge screen in the bar in which you can watch your choicest programs on TV.